Urban image : The overall view of the mural - a collection of shapes derived of the architecture of the urban environment.
 Observation : Students were taken on an excursion into the urban environment so as to draw the typical buildings of the surroundings of their school.
 Workshop : Students working independently to create singular artworks referring to the buildings of Observatory, based on their freehand drawings.
 Architectural composition : One of the artworks of the students - singular building.
 Shape collection : The mural incorporated an illuminated artwork by artist Ralph Borland. The colours were carefully matched, and the position selected so as to integrate the illuminated artwork.
 Workshop : Working together to create a city from the shapes.
 Urban route : The 'city' drawing reflects the experience which the students had of the neighbourhood, when drawing the buildings.
 Process : The artworks of the students were interpreted by Lorenzo Nassimbeni to form a the composition of the mural.
 Together : A team of skilled painters was assembled to work closely with Lorenzo Nassimbeni in the installation of the mural.
 Shaped facade : The front facade of the building shows the mural responding to the 'city' drawing made by the students.
 Natural link :The main facade of the mural relates to the geometry of the mountain in the background.
 Nocturne : At night, the beauty of the illuminated artwork by Ralph Borland comes to the fore.
 Upward : From various angles, the abstraction used in the design of the mural is highlighted.
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